Thursday, June 30, 2011

Really? Are you kidding me??

Have you ever felt like a non-factor? Like anything and everything you say or have said, REALLY doesn't seem to matter to anyone. Especially after everyone comes to you for help, advice or some sort of direction, after all of your effort, no one really seems to care? Have you ever asked someone to do something (that you consider important) and you assumed it would be done, only to find out, oh...let's say 5 hours later, that it wasn't done.

On another note...why do some people feel that I should continue to be there for them, when I'm not even sure that they are telling me the truth? I don't get it. Does Cheryl do any of the above to anyone she encounters? Ms. Chae doesn't even do that and she's shall I say it...well, no need to EVERYONE knows how she is. She DOESN'T tolerate that very well, to say the least! I GUARANTEE if I did ANY of the above to anyone else I wouldn't be liked very much! I'd DEFINITELY have less friends and less family members speaking to me.

All I have to say is this: When I FINALLY do get a chance to get away from all this drama and nonsensical nonsense that goes on around me, I plan on re-prioritizing my life. I plan on contacting NO ONE, so if things fall be it. I'm TIRED of being the 'glue' that holds everyone and everything together. This adhesive is WORN OUT!! People need to get it together. Enough said.....for now.