Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Go With Your Gut!!

Did you ever have a feeling about something and were right on the money about it? Happened to me recently. I won't drop instances or names b/c this is MY blog and it's about ME not anyone else, haha! This is about my feelings and I'm SURE SOMEONE can relate to this!

So, I got this funny feeling and just knew something wasn't correct. Things just weren't falling into place like they had in the weeks prior. I then began to think that I should change a part of my personality, perhaps not be so willing to do things for others as quickly as I have in the past. I think that I'm a pretty open, easy going person. I don't judge anyone b/c I didn't put anyone on this Earth, no one is perfect and everyone is human. I'm a good listener, always try to be there for others before myself (NOT always a good thing I've learned). I don't spread rumors or gossip and I keep personal business to myself (whether it's my business or someone else's), and I don't take much personally (as in...if we aren't close, then you can't hurt me) Sometimes that isn't good though, because people tend to take advantage of that whether they realize it or not. Now, once that happens I start to wonder what went wrong. What did I do? What could I have done better or not at all?

Then, of course, I come to my senses, and realize that I did everything I was capable of to the best of my ability and still remained true to myself. People are unhappy for a myriad of reasons. Ms. Chae (who you'll meet later, I'm sure) is DYING to say something, but that part of me (lol no, I don't have any personality disorders, haha) can be very sarcastic and says whatever is on her mind. Let's just say, I chalk this up to life experience. I've learned my lesson. Remember, there's a lesson in every life experience. Don't get upset or angry, or even take it personally. Look for the lesson, learn from it and move on!

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