Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Who is Ms. Chae REALLY?

This is just a quick entry to introduce everyone to Ms. Chae. NO, I don't have a personality disorder, I just like to think that she is my sarcastic, angry side. She becomes the 'character' I hide behind when I'm in a mood and need to release my feelings.

Ms. Chae says what's on her mind, when it's appropriate. She, like I, ALWAYS keep it real. Why lie about things, why hide things, why sugar-coat the truth? Not my style or hers. If that's what someone wants from me, I'll send them straight to Dunkin' Donuts, where they can get all the sugar-coating they want. Ms. Chae doesn't have time for games, nonsense or drama of any kind. I allow her to take over when I really can't be bothered with ignorance or immaturity.

One of my good friends, Eddy, gave me the nickname, Chae. I become 'Chae' when I have to sing or speak in front of a group of people (whether I know them or not) I was extremely shy as a child and that shyness remains with me, even though people doubt that b/c they don't see it. The reason no one sees that is because I hide behind my character, who tends to be strong when I can't or when the shyness starts to creep up on me. My shyness has prevented me from pursuing a singing career, approaching influential people and even from properly promoting my jewelry. I recently decided that, that HAD to stop. So, for now, Ms. Chae does what I can't bring myself to do at times, although one would never know that w/out my having told you.

Now, DON'T take that to mean that I am weak in anyway! Weak, no, shy, yes or maybe just quiet to begin with. But just because I'm quiet, that doesn't ever mean that I won't speak up. I probably just won't be as sarcastic as Ms. Chae would. Ms. Chae must be a long lost relative of Ms. Karma b/c I feel sorry for people who cross either one.....Hey, I'm just sayin'.....

You know you have another side to you too. We all do in some form or fashion, I think we just have to tap into it. I HAD to find an outlet for my negative emotions. I think we all should. Perhaps not in the form of an alter ego, some people develop hobbies. Whatever works for you. Just don't get extreme! You know how Tyler Perry has Madea? Well, Cheryl has Ms. watch out!

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